Silver city in crime: police intensify night patrol in Cuttack

Cuttack: The Commissariat Police intensified night patrols to check criminal activities in Silver City after three brutal attacks in the past three days in the city.
The move was launched after the Twin City Police Director Satyajit Mohanty sent police officers to step up the night patrol.
According to sources, Chauliaganj, Mangalabag and Malgodown police led by Twin City police officers conducted detailed patrols in their areas last night.
The step was made after the bloody bodies of workers found in various areas in Cuttack. An increasing number of murders and attacks give a raging night to a nightmare.
After a detailed analysis, police officers said that attacks could be caused by one person believed to be homeless and workers who spent the night on the track. It is further suspected that the murders were committed after midnight and between 2-3 hours in the morning, when there are no eyewitnesses.
Acting on instructions and initial investigation, police parties did not only keep close watch in sensitive areas, but also sensed people sleeping on the road. The police also advised workers to be prone to attacks by unknown criminals.
The vigilance lasted from midnight to 4 am. The police also sought help from local clubs and the commission of the committee, after which volunteers also took part in the police operation.

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