Shravan first Monday today: The Bhakthians are choking Shivine temples

Bhubaneswar: Numerous devotees visited different Shiva Pithas and Shiva temples throughout the country on the first Monday of the holy month of ‘Shravan’.
The Shiva Main Shrine, including the Temple of Lingra in Bhubneswar, the temple of Puri Loknath and Kapilas in the Dhenkanal district, testified to the fall of the devotee.
The number of devotees of “Bola Boma”, which usually appear in a large crowd, were lowered due to partial eclipse of the Moon on 16 and 17 July 2019.
Providing special prayers with pouring sacred water on Lord Siva during the Shravan month is called Kaudia Jatra or Bol Bam Jatra or Kanwar Yatra.
In the morning, devotees, after a long walk, stood in a long row at the shrine to pour water brought from the sacred river into a bowl (made of clay or brass or copper) attached to a bamboo stick decorated with a few extras. Be gracious to the Lord. It is believed that the special prayers and offerings paid to the Lord during the holy month of Shravan bring great results for the devotees. Women devotees have also found it right to offer a prayer on the first Monday of the month Shravan.
Since Shravan Yatra is an annual ritual, the relevant district administrations and the temple authorities have made adequate arrangements to control the pile.

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