Shop Owner Wants To Return ATM Withdrawn Rs.20, 000 To Its Rightful Owner In Odisha’s Bhadrak

Bhadrak : A mobile phone shop owner in Odisha’s Bhadrak has turned Good Samaritan to help out the rightful owner of Rs.20, 000 that was withdrawn from a SBI ATM near his shop.As per reports, someone had withdrawn Rs. 20,000 from the SBI ATM at College road in Bhadrak of Odisha and left the currency notes at the ATM for reasons unknown.After a while a few persons visited the same ATM and found the money. As there was nobody else in the ATM then, they handed over the currency notes to a mobile shop owner, whose kiosk is close to the ATM.Turning a Good Samaritan, the mobile shop owner has posted about the incident on social media and urged the rightful owner of the money to collect it from him at his shop.So far nobody has claimed the money. The shop owner has informed that if the rightful owner of the money or his agent would not come to collect the money by tomorrow, he would hand it over to the Police.

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