Separate twins Jaga-Kalia will soon be moved to Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The separated twins, Jaga-Kalia, who are under treatment at AIIMS in New Delhi after surgery, are likely to be transferred to Odisha soon.
A four-man delegation today held discussions with senior AIIMS doctors.
It is reported that the AIIMS will provide the state government within seven days with an indication of the need to care for the separated twins after their move to Odisha.
Here, Health Minister Naba Kishore Das spoke with media representatives: “Talks are underway with the AIIMS authorities to relocate Jaga-Kalia to Odisha. An 8-member AIIMS team will also accompany the separated twins on the day of the shift. However, the means of transport still has to be determined. “The provincial government will bear all the treatment costs of Jaga and Kalia,” the minister added.
Meanwhile, the CEO of the National Health Mission (NHM) of Odisha Shalini Pandit said: “The AIIMS authorities have confirmed that Jaga and Kalia are ready to be released. In the near future AIIMS will also provide medical advice on the best means of transport. She also said that discussions on the admission of the duo in Bhubaneswar for regular and timely investigations.
The session in the AIIMS boardroom in Delhi continued for one hour. Neurosurgeon Dipak Gupta, Head of Department of Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology and Administration, NHM MD of Odisha, Shishu Bhawan Superintendent, Neurosurgeon of Apollo Hospital, and Secretary’s Joint Health Department attended a 12-hour marathon operation at AIIMS in New Delhi October 2017. It has been under strict medical supervision ever since.

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