Sensex diminishes how the budget does not deal with market problems

New Delhi: Sensex fell by more than 600 points because the Union budget failed to respond to the current concerns of the consumer-related market.
According to reports, stocks fell sharply Monday after opening nearly 250 points less. The benchmark index BSE dropped by 650 points to the lowest level of 38,848, while the Nifty50 index fell more than 200 points to a low of 11,605.75.
Auto companies report a drop in sales in the past few months due to low demand. Analysts do not see this situation soon. The market expected some kind of fiscal stimulus from the government.
You drink Garg, the chief investment officer of ICICI Securities says that there is nothing in the budget that suggests that the economy will recover immediately. This budget can not be described as a market that is changing the market, he says.

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