Seized 12.53 centimeters of ganja, and seven were held by Malkangiri police in three days

Malkangiri: Tackling the gangster’s goblet, police Malkangiri seized a total of 12.53 quintals of ganja and arrested seven people in the last three days.
According to a press release, one pistol and seven bullets were taken from the possession of the arrested peddlers. Seven persons were arrested, two from Tamil Nadu and one from Chhattisgarh.
Allegedly, the police registered three cases: – 1. Subject Mathili PS no. 114/2019, under Article 20 (b) (ii) (C) of the NDPS Act; 2. Orkel PS case no. 110/19 from section 20 (b) (ii) (C) / 27-A of the NDPS Act / under sections 186/341323/353/307 IPC R / w, section 25/27 of the Weapons Act; 3. Kalimela PS Case No.115 / 19 under Article 20 (b) (ii) (C) of the NDPS Law R / W Section 25/27 (A) of the Law on Weapons.
The arrested persons were identified as Malaichamy C (46), Singarajapuram under Varusandad in Tamil Nadu, D.Selvam (31) from Valiparaja under Varsusanad PS in Tamil Nadu, Sukdeb Randhari (30) from Duragan, under Koshagumuda PS in Nabarangpur district, Khagapati Bhatra (40) from the Patnarchandli under Kotapad PS in the Koraput district, Ramesh Naina (28) from Malkangiri Villager-83 in the Malkangiri district, Prasanjit Mandal (19) from Nakulnar to Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada, Sukesh Baroi (23) from Malkangiri Villager- 83 in the district Malkangiri.
So far, 63 cases have been discovered under the NDPS Act. A total of 15,554.6 kilograms of Ganja were seized. 133 indictees were arrested and 41 vehicles were seized. Out of 133 arrested indictees, 46 are out of Odysha, reads the press release.
In 2018, 102 cases were uncovered under the NDPS Law in the Malkangiri District and a total of 17,118 Kg Ganja was seized. 179 persons were arrested and 83 vehicles were seized. Of the 179 arrested. 89 of the arrested persons were outside the state of Odysseus, it is learned.

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