Secret rituals at Puri Srimandir: Darshan restricted till 2 pm today

Puri: Darshan of deities will be restricted for devotees till 2 pm at the Puri Srimandir today in view of secret ritual ahead of the holy Snana Yatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings tomorrow.
This has been informed by the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA).
According to sources, the secret ritual will take few hours to complete, due to which the darshan for the general devotees will be restricted till 2 pm today, SJTA informed.
Daitapati servitors (sevayats) will perform the secret rituals of the Trinity at the Puri Srimandir.
The devotees will not be allowed to have darshan as the ‘Shree Anga Surakhya Niti’ rituals of the deities have already begun since late last night followed by the ‘Senapata lagi’.
On the other hand, the preparations are in full swing in view of Snana Purnima ritual tomorrow.
Snana Yatra is festival of Lord Jagannath and his sibling deities marking a prelude to the annual Rath Yatra. It is the first occasion in the year as per the Hindu calendar when the Lords are brought out from the temple in a procession to Snana Mandap. The deities are then bathed, decorated with ‘Hati Besha’ or elephant costume and displayed for public darshan.
After the Snana Yatra, the deities are traditionally believed to fall ill and are kept in a sick room to recuperate in privacy under the care of the Raj Vaidya for a period of 15 days called Anasara during which they would not be displayed for public darshan.
During the Anasara period, devotees head to the Alarnatha Temple in Bramhagiri.

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