SC directs the Center to establish special POCSO courts in each district

New Delhi: On Thursday, the Supreme Court sent a center to set up exclusive courts funded by the central level in all counties where 100 or more cases were detected under the Sexual Violence Protection Act (POCSO).
The bench led by Chief Judge Ranjan Gogoi, consisting of Judges Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose, sent the Center to establish these courts within 60 days.
The court also asked the Center to inform him of the compliance status of the order within 30 days and to provide money for the establishment of the POCSO courts and the appointment of prosecutors and others.
The Law on the Protection of Children from Sexual Delicts (Amendment), 2019 provides for a severe sentence, including a life sentence for the use of children for pornographic purposes.
In 2012, the POCSO Law on the Protection of Children against Sexual Delicts was adopted. This law takes action in cases of sexual crimes and abuse of underage children. This law protects children from serious crimes such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse and pornography.
According to this law, a special punishment was set for various crimes. All cases were heard in the presence of the child’s parents in front of the camera by a special court.

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