Sandhya Darshan Holy Trinity until 7 am today

Puri: Lakhs devotees confronted Puri in order to witness the “Sandhya Darshan” of the Holy Trinity in the Adapi Mandap within the temple of Sri Gundich from Thursday morning.
Bearing in mind tomorrow Bahuda Yatru and other Lord’s rituals, the Shri Jagannath Temple Authority (SJTA) has decided to allow the devotees to have Sandhya Darshan Lords by 19:00 today.
The devotees in large numbers visit the Gundich temple daily to offer prayer and feast on Mahaprasad. By faith, whoever testifies to the deities and takes Mahaprasad, he receives salvation.
Police and the administration of the temple have taken appropriate measures to allow unhindered darshan deities in the Adapi Mandap.
In the meantime, as part of the preparations for the “Bahuda Yatra” (return of the car), the three cars got the southern turn (Dakshin Moda) and parked on “Saradha Bali” in front of the “Nakachana Dwar” (exit door) of the Gundich Temple.

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