Samant Goel, next RAW boss, Arvind Kumar, heads IB

New Delhi: The government has appointed new leaders of two intelligence units in the country on Wednesday, according to official reports.
Samant Goel is reported to become the head of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). He will replace Anil Dhamsana.
Arvind Kumar, number two at the intelligence bureau’s cashmere desk, will replace Rajiv Jain at the top.
According to a senior official in the Prime Minister’s office, the Minister of the Interior signed the file and went to PMO. Both officials are reported to take command on June 30.
Both Goel and Kumar are IPS officers from 1984.
According to official sources, Goel effectively mastered the militancy in Punjab when it peaked in the 1990s. He also served in Dubai and London. A senior official from the Home Office said Goel had been dispatched as a consul in Dubai and also in London.
Arvind Kumar, an officer of the cadre of Assam Meghalaya, headed the agency in Bihar. Before that, he took care of the administration and the investigation department.

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