Rs 1.4 lakh is missing from the bank account of businessman Deogarha

Deogarh: A businessman appealed to Deogarh’s police claiming that 1.4 billion kroner was missing from his savings account at Axis Bank.
Prasant Samal, from the village of Bichakhani in the district of Deogarh, who owns a marble tile in the Kandal market, said that the authorities did not help him in this matter.
According to Samal, he paid $ 4000 piracy over the Internet a few days earlier. Later, he contacted Axis Bank Deogarh to return the money.
One employee in the bank gave him a free number for assistance and asked him to file a complaint about online payment.
When Samal called for a help number, the caller asked him to provide him with details of his savings account. Samal revealed all details of his bank account to the caller without any other reasoning.
A few minutes later, he received a message on his mobile phone that KM 1.4 billion was withdrawn from his account. Shocked, Samal contacted the bank’s authorities again.
However, the authorities at the bank have expressed their helplessness in this matter. He later appealed to Deogarh’s police.
As Deogarh’s police do not have a cyber-cell, they plan to conduct an investigation with the help of Sambalpur Cyber ??Police, sources say.

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