Rohingyas could pose a threat to security if they are not returned soon: Prime Minister of Bangladesh

Dhaka: Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said today that the country’s security and stability could be compromised if expelled Rohingyas were not returned soon.
Responding to a question in the Dhaka parliament, Ms. Hasina said that for more than 11 lakh Rohingyas from Myanmar, it would be difficult for a long time to meet basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.
She said that since the beginning of the crisis, Bangladesh has been making diplomatic efforts to find a lasting solution to send the displaced people back to their homeland.
Earlier, the foreign minister of Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momen, said that the topic of radicalism and security in the region resulting from Rohingya’s prolonged stay will be on the agenda of talks during Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s forthcoming visit to China between 1 and 5 July.

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