Ritual Dakshina Fashion: Nandighosha Lord Jagannatha has now turned

Puri: While on the fifth day of the annual festival of car Hera Panchami marked a favorable ritual, the chariot of Sv.
On the sixth day of the festival and the day after the ritual of Hera Panchami, the cars turn to the Jagannath temple.
A unique ceremony is called Ratha Dakshina Fashion, which marks the preparation for the upcoming yahra (the festival of car return). This ritual began yesterday, when the first car was turned south towards Jagannath temple. Debadalana Subhadra and Balabhadrina Taladhwa were also turned to the south.
But Lord Jagannatha Nandhigha was still parked outside the Gundich Temple yesterday, while the dusk descended before Nandighos. A powerful carriage today was turned around and thus ended the rhythm of Ratha Dakshina’s fashion.
The car will be kept near Nakachana Dwara, East Gate of the Gundich Temple towards Srimandir.

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