Rath Yatra: Completes the Pahandi Bey Ritual

Puri: The ritual of Pahandi Bea in the midst of the beatings of drums, cymbals and gongs, as Lord Jagannath followed his brothers and sisters, he climbed up on his car.
The “Pahandi” ritual of Lord Jagannatha expects every devotee as the Lord of the universe who comes out of the Holy Sanctum of Srimandir.
Blowing of kahali, ghanta rush and hitting “telingi baja” in a unique rhythmic movement that slowly rises up to the krsende announces the beginning of their movement.
First came Sudarshan who took the seat of Devi Subhadra car. Follow by Mr. Balabhadra. Devi Subhadra, the younger sister of the yellow-gold color of Lord Jagannatha and Lord Balabhadra, is coming soon.
The subhadra is worn on the shoulders in the lying state. Her movement is much faster, and the daitas she wears is almost running through the process on the move.
Finally, Lord Jagannath comes to the royal procession. The dancers perform traditional Odyssey dancing accompanied by ‘mardala’ and ‘mridanga’, traditional Orissan percussion instruments, while the procession moves forward. The devotees also perform sankirtan, ritual group singing of the Lord’s name by rhythmic jumping movements.
Having descended from the War of the Sinhalese, the ornamented throne, the three deities were taken out of a temple down the 22nd staircase known as “Baisi Pahacha” through the Lions Gate in the elaborate royal ritual called “Pahandi” as devotees and sevatates who were pushing to have a single glance.
The world-renowned Rath Yatra Lord Jagannatha is held in the pilgrimage town of Odisha with religious fervor and enthusiasm in the midst of solid security.
The devotees from all spheres of life made the way to the coastal city in order to have an insight into the presiding of the deity of the sanctuary of Lord Jagannatha from the 12th century, while the Trinity blended with the sea of mankind during the annual festival of chariots.

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