Rath Yatra 2019: Pahanda ritual begins

Puri: Highly celebrated Ratha Yatra witnessing the sea of pilgrims in the city and started with the first mega ritual “Pahandi” (ceremonial procession of the deities).
The ceremonial ritual Pahandi began by hitting cymbals, mussels and shouts “Hari Bol and Jai Jagannath” while the priests carried the deities.
Lord Sudarshan, considered a pilot-god, led a ceremonial procession of religious tradition. After that, the “Pahandi” ritual followed by respected eldest brother Lord Balabhadra.
As Lord Sudarshan and Lord Balabhadra already took to the Bada Dandu (Grand Road), Devi Subhadra soon followed the suit.
In the end, Lord Jagannath will give his Holy Darsan piles waiting only for a moment.
The journey of the deities into the outer world begins with a spectacular royal procession called Pahandi Bija. This procession of the Pahandi deities is in sequence and is known as “Dhadi Pahandi” or a group movement.
In the Dhadi Pahandi parade, the deities are resting whenever they need to travel to their car. All the deities are moving at the same time one after the other in a close sequence. First Lord Sudarshan, then Balabhadra, then Subhadr and finally Lord Jagannath were taken out of the Inner Shrine.
At the north exit of the dance hall with seven steps, the three deities gather and receive huge floral crowns, called Tahias. Then the deities were literally withdrawn and pushed into rhythmic movements accompanied by the rhythms of cymbals, drums and singing their names in the choir by the devotee.
While Lord Sudarshan and the Goddess of Subhadra are worn on their shoulders, the Holy Brothers’ Duke carries with little breaks in and out. Deities were introduced through Pata Aganu, Ananda Bazar, Inner Lion, Baishi Pahachu, Lion Gate, Gumuti, Arunastamb and finally his car.

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