Rascal Dibas celebrated Niladri Bey: Sudarsan Pattnaik sent a hot wish

Puri: On a favorable occasion, Niladri Bey, an internationally renowned Sand Punk artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, created a sculpture on Puri Beach to mark the occasion and celebrate the day as “Rasagol Dibas”.
On Twitter, the artist shared a picture of his mural displaying images of Lord Jagannatha and the goddess Lakshmi with Rasagol placed in earthen vessels.
People in Odyssey today responded to social media to celebrate Rasmol Dibas.
The centuries-old sweet meal has its roots in the culture and tradition of the Oda, as can be seen from the ritual of the Niladri of the Lord of the Jagannatha at the end of Ratha Jatra. During the Nidadri God, Lord Jagannath offers sweet to calm his wife Laxmi, who was upset after Jagannath went to the nine-day Rath Yatr to his aunt’s house.

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