Rajya Sabha to take up triple talaq bill after President’s push for gender equality

NEW DELHI: The Upper House of Parliament is likely to take up the triple talaq bill, which criminalises instant divorce among Muslim community members, on Thursday.
It may be recalled that the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha soon began after the President’s joint address of the Parliament on Thursday.
During his speech, President Ram Nath Kovind called for the eradication of ‘triple talaq’ and ‘nikah-halala’ for ensuring women equality.The President said that eradication of social evils like ‘Triple Talaq’ and ‘Nikah-Halala’ is imperative for ensuring equal rights for women in the country.In his address to both the houses of the Parliament in the Central Hall, Kovind urged all the members to cooperate in these efforts to make the lives of women “better and dignified”.”To secure equal rights for every sister and daughter in the country, eradication of social evils like ‘Triple Talaq’ and ‘Nikah-Halala’ is imperative,” Kovind said in his customary address after formation of the 17th Lok Sabha.
Under instant ‘triple talaq’, a Muslim man can divorce his wife by uttering ‘talaq’ three times in one go.
‘Nikah halala’ requires a divorced woman to marry and consummate the marriage with another man before she can return to her first husband.

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