Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu draws MPs for reduced attendance in parliamentary panel

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday pulled MPs from both houses for their low attendance at meetings of parliamentary standing committees and urged leaders of all political parties to ensure “quantitative and qualitative functioning” of these panels.
After holding a meeting with the chairpersons of these panels in the morning, Naidu said that only 18 members of the two houses of parliament attended the meetings of eight Rajya Sabha committees since they were reorganized in September this year. Expressing concern about the functioning of these committees in the Upper House, Naidu said: “I expect the number of members of this House to increase with full attendance at the meetings of the committees.”
Each member of the standing committee related to the department represents 25 members of the Parliament, deliberating on the committee. If a member remains absent, according to Naidu, the voice of 25 MPs will not be heard. “Therefore, I appeal to the leaders of all parties and members of this augmented house to ensure the quantitative and qualitative functioning of these committees, in which Parliament has vested an important responsibility of functioning on its behalf,” he said. Naidu said a total of 41 meetings were held by the eight Department-related Standing Committees (DRSCs) of the Rajya Sabha, which was reorganized in September.

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