Rajnath Singh says BJP Win After Mayawati-Akhilesh Yadav Alliance A Big Thing

LUCKNOW: On his first visit to Lucknow after being re-elected to parliament, Defense Minister Reinhard Singh said on Friday that the victory of the Bharatiya Janata party in the General Elections is a big thing, as the party increased its seats and the share of votes despite the Samiwada party – the League of Party Bahujan Samaj.
Claiming that people gave tremendous support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Singh said after the SP-BSP alliance, people gave a different assumption but could not get as much as 40 percent of the vote.
“On the contrary, the BJP won almost 50 percent of the vote in the country,” he said.
“Even after a five-year stay in power, there was no anti-mandate, but on the contrary, there was a proactive position.” BJP increased its share of the vote and its number of deputies, which is a really big deal, “he said. added.
He also praised the soldiers for strengthening the pride of the country.
“They carried out a surgical strike and then carried out an air attack, telling the whole world that India is not a weak country,” said Mr. Singh.
The minister said that the position of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that at least the basic needs of people must be fulfilled.
Talks with the state government on various mega projects have already begun, he said.
By creating emotional action among those present on that occasion, Reynath Singh said he would remain in charge of people in Lucknow because of the shower of love and love for him.

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