Rajiv Gandhi’s murder case: Nalini Sriharan’s life convict on conditional release for his daughter’s wedding

Chennai: Nalhi Sriharan, life convict in Rajiv Gandhi case, was released from prison in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, on a month-long wedding day for his daughter Harithra.
Nalini was released with a 30-day probationary sentence from Velor Prison. Nalini was asked to parole for 30 days to arrange for his daughter’s wedding. On July 5, the High Court granted Nalini a one-month suspended sentence after she personally claimed to have sought relief from arranging her daughter’s wedding.
The court ordered Nalini not to meet or talk to any media in these 30 days. The Court also issued a set of instructions for Nalini for the period of conditional release.
This is the first time Nalin is on parole for 28 years in prison. She was given a 12-hour conditional release in 2016 to attend her father’s funeral.
This is the first time that her conditional sentence has been granted for a long time.
Nalini was taken out of prison in Velor on Thursday morning and was received by a relative outside the prison.
She will arrange for a wedding for her daughter. Her daughter was born in a prison in Vellore and was raised in Great Britain. She’s a medical profession.
Last week, the High Court in Madras rejected a petition submitted by Nalini Sriharan seeking direction to Governor Tamil Nadu for her early release.
Nalini was arrested in 1991 in the case of Rajiv Gandhi. She received a death sentence, which was later turned into life imprisonment.

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