Rahul Gandhi ridiculed Dana Yoga celebrations by tweeting a photo of a military dog ??unit under the title “New India”

New Delhi: Congressman Rahul Gandhi rattled on International Yoga Day on Friday and published a photo of the Day of Yoga Day in the Army dog ??unit titled – New India. Twitter quickly messed up Congress president and BJP from Bengaluru, saying Gandhi had not yet “learned his lessons”.
“New India,” Gandhi wrote a tweet, along with photographs of the Day of the Army Dog Soldiers Day showing the unit’s heels together with soldiers in yoga poses.
“Okay, he still did not learn his lessons, once insulted our army, the brave Jawane, the incredible unit for dogs, the yoga tradition and our country. I feel very sad for all the young congressional workers (if there are any left) that they must to carry with this man as his leader, “said Suriya.
Many users tweeted photos of the Day of Yoga Day celebrations around the world, while others mocked the Congress party because of their ignorance of the day.

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