Public Opinion Reform: Today, 14 ruling parties in Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: Fourteen opposition parties, including the Congress, will focus the government on Wednesday on the election reforms in Rajya Sabhi.
Other prominent parties are the Trinamool Congress (TMC), the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and CP (I).
According to reports, opposition parties informed the government on Rule 176 on topics such as election bonds, the choice of one nation and the failure of electronic voting machines (EVM).
It is important to recall that on June 19 the government announced that the concept of a nation-wide election was supported by most of the political parties. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced that a committee will be set up to examine the feasibility of the concept after considering with leaders at a meeting of all parties.
While 40 political parties were invited to attend a meeting held last month in New Delhi, AAP leader Arvind Keiriwal and TMC did not attend the meeting, citing differences.
TMC leader Mamat Banerjee urged the need to make white paper on the issue.

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