Protest workers at the Congress, wants Rahul to be a party boss

New Delhi: Hundreds of Congress activists organized a protest in the party’s headquarters Tuesday demanding that Rahul Gandhi not give up the presidency of the Congress.
Protestants included many who resigned in their party positions in solidarity with Gandhi.
The protest was joined by party leaders Delhi Rajesh Lilothia, Shobha Oz and Jagdish Tytler.
Lilothia told IANS: “We are asking Rahulji to continue as party chief.”
He said that the responsibility for defeating the party in the Lok Sabhi elections lies with all party leaders, and Gandhi himself can not be guilty.
The protest came the day after Gandhi met with the bosses of five states under the control of Congress and asked him to continue as president of the party.
Gandhi offered to withdraw as party chief after Congress won only 52 Lok Sabha seats.
With Gandhi, who claimed he would no longer be at the helm of the party, the names of several leaders are holding rounds for the highest position of the party. Among them are Mallikarjuna Kharge and A.K. Antony.

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