Promotion of Needs for Inclusive Education: Vice President

New Delhi: The UNESCO delegation led by its director Eric Falt called on Vice President M Venkaiah Naid on Wednesday and presented the “Report on the State of Education for India 2019 – Children with Disabilities”.
Having received the report, Naidu said that this was timely because the government was in the middle of formulating a new education policy. He said that the education of children with disabilities gets special attention from the government and that the country is constantly moving towards inclusive and equal quality education.
Expressing the conviction that the report will provide useful information, the vice president said that India has always believed in the adoption of best practices from around the world.
He said that an hour is needed to promote inclusive education and expressed hope that the government will positively consider suggestions from the report as a contribution to the new National Education Policy that is currently being considered.
The report contains 10 recommendations, including amendments to the Law on the Right to Education, in order to comply with the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPWD) by incorporating the specific problems of children with disabilities.
Falt also presented the vice-president of the World Heritage Site in India.

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