Probe on if COVID-19 ‘escaped’ from Wuhan lab: US President

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said that it is being looked into if COVID-19 escaped from a virology laboratory in China’s Wuhan city.
President Trump said US has been conducting a full-scale investigation to ascertain whether the deadly virus “escaped” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Media reports said intelligence operatives were garnering information about the laboratory and the initial outbreak of the pathogen.
President Trump told reporters that the Chinese talk about a certain kind of bat, but that bat wasn’t in that area. That bat wasn’t sold at that wet zone, he said.
Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz introduced legislation to sanction Chinese Communist Party officials who were involved in the cover-up of the deadly virus.
They must be held accountable as instead of working to contain the deadly virus, the Chinese ruthlessly worked to suppress information.

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