Priyanka Gandhi took the road to visit a family of 10 dead in UP

LOVE: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was stopped on Friday in Uttar Pradesh on a road to a village in Sonbhadra where 10 people were killed in a shootout this week over a land dispute. The Secretary General of the Congress sat on the road and protested until he was taken to a state car to a guest house.
Priyanka Gandhi, in charge of the Eastern Gymnasium Congress, is seen in visual displays sitting on the road to Mirzapur near Sonbhadra, surrounded by security and congressional workers. “I just want to get to know the vulnerable families, whose members have been killed mercilessly, and the son of a young son of mine is shot and lying in the hospital. Tell me on what legal basis I have stopped,” said Priyanka Gandhi .
This morning, she landed in Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election unit, where she went to the hospital to see those wounded in the Sonbhadra massacre.
Later, while heading for Sonbhadr 80 km, reports emerged that the gatherings were banned in the district. “I sit calmly, can someone show me the order,” she said at the place where her convoy was stopped.
As they were taken to the vehicle of a government official, she said: “I do not know where to lead me, we are ready to go anywhere.”
Police officer, Awadhesh Pandey, confirmed that the “Priyankai” was taken into custody.
In the catering house she was taken away, Priyanka Gandhi told the workers: “I just wanted to go to Sonbhadru so that people do not feel there alone. I was arrested and brought here, but I will not leave this place until I find my family.”
Her brother Rahul Gandhi called her “detention” disturbing. “The unlawful arrest of Priyanka in Sonbhadra, UP, is disturbing. This arbitrary use of power to prevent the meeting with the families of 10 farmers of Adivasi, brutally murdered for refusing to leave his country, reveals the increasing insecurity of the government’s BJP in UP, he wrote he.
Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, Robert Vadra, called the detention a “total abuse of law in every respect”.
“Does this government want to push every voice behind the truth? The state government should immediately release it and allow democracy to be democracy, not dictatorship,” he wrote on Facebook.
Ten people were killed and more than 24 were injured on Wednesday when a village chief, Yagya Dutt and his associates, fired on a group of tribal farmers who refused to surrender 36 hectares of land that had been cultivating for generations. Witnesses said that Yagya Dutt brought nearly 200 men to 32 tractor carts to take over the country. Men shot at tribes for more than half an hour in one of the worst incidents that the country has seen lately.
So far, 24 people have been arrested for mass murder. A total of 78 people were indicted, including Yagya Dutt and his brother.
The day the incident occurred, Priyanka Gandhi tweeted: “In the BJP’s ruling state, the confidence of criminals is so high that there are continuous daily killings. The murder of 9 Gondo tribes, including 3 women, by the country of mafia in the village of Umbha Sonbhadra is heartbreaking. The administration and the chief minister are asleep. Will the state become without crime? “
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath hit the Congress today. “Congregation governments have in the past provided protection to land mafia, and the Sonbhadra case is an example of that,” he said.
Priyanke Gandhi’s decision to visit Sonbhadru showed that she plans to focus intensely on UP in pre-election polls in 2022.

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