Private Bus Fined 7 Lakh For Traffic Violation In Boudh, Odisha

Boudh: A private bus of Boudh was fined with a huge sum of money.The amount of fine was almost 7 lakh rupees.  Rs. 6,72,445/- was the exact amount of fine collected.The bus with registration number OD- 02- AK- 6199 was going from Boudh to Bhubaneswar.The RTO of Boudh seized the bus just as it was starting its journey to Bhubaneswar.The bus had violated a number of traffic rules.The violations were as follows:1. No Registration –fine of –5000/-2. No Route Permit– fine of– 10,000/-3. No Insurance Papers Since 4 years– fine of– 2000/- 4. No Tax Payment –fine of– 6,54,000/-

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