Prime Minister outlines major challenges facing the world at the G20 summit

Osaka: Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined his vision on how to tackle the challenges of the G20 summit in the 21st century on Friday.
At the informal meeting of the BRICS leaders, Modi spoke about key challenges such as protectionism and unilateralism in international financial organizations such as the WTO and terrorism.
Prime Minister called a five-point approach to address these challenges. Modi said the world needs to strengthen the World Trade Organization.
He said, “Today I will focus on three major challenges. First, the recession and uncertainty in the global economy. Unilateral decisions and rivalries overshadow rule-based multilateral international trading systems. On the other hand, the lack of resources is reflected in the fact that emerging economies are estimated to lack $ 1.3 trillion in investment. “
The second challenge is to make development and progress inclusive and sustainable. The third challenge, said the Prime Minister, is terrorism, which poses the greatest threat to all humanity.
Modi said, “Not only does it cost innocent people their lives, it also has a negative impact on economic progress and social stability.”

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