President of the Municipal Assembly Odisha asked the Minister of Cooperation to speed up the purchase of rice

Bhubaneswar: President of the Odisha Surya Narayan Patro Assembly instructed the Minister of Cooperation to acquire Rabi from the peasants.
Patra asked the minister on Friday to take immediate action in this regard after the opposition members of the BJP raised the issue in the House.
Opposition leader Pradipta Kumar Nayak raised the issue in the zero hour and stated that, although processing fees are levied by farmers, no rice purchases have been made so far. He said that the stocks of rice in the mandate were begging for rain.
Nayak said that the government should not rest peacefully after it provided food in Rs5. The government is obliged to provide rice from the farmer by giving them their obligations, otherwise they will be frustrated and will not be able to grow other crops.
The opposition leader said that farmers from Sambalpura have yet to get their debts. Congressional lawmaker Narasigh Mishra said the government had shown negligence regarding rice purchases and added that it was high time for the government to take action by the end.
The MJP MLA Jayanarayan Mishra asked the Chair to instruct the government to consider the issue as soon as possible when the wheat supplies swore and the color of the rice was changed. The government must come to the rescue of farmers, he said.
It is worth mentioning here that the food, consumer welfare and co-operation of Ranendra Pratap Swain was not present when the issue was raised in the House. Agriculture Minister Dr Arun Sahu said on Thursday that the government has purchased 55 metric tons of rice and added that soon more fish will be purchased.

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