Posts “Shiksha Sambal” in Vedanta Lanjigarh 76% of the matura exam in 2019

Lanjigarh: Vedanta Lanjigarh’s basic education initiative, Shiksha Sambal, has launched new steps in providing support for pre-class teaching to local students.
At this year’s exam in Odisha, Shiksha Sambal enabled 77% of the total number of students who took the exam to pass the flight. The program has emerged as the most successful among all those in progress in Kalahandi.
The total graduation rate of the district is 59.76%, followed by Rayagada, which has a performance rate of 60.89%. For comparison, Odish’s share of success is about 70.78%. Launched in 2015 as a pilot project at Government High School, Lanjigarhu and the Ashrampada Government School of Government, Lanjigarh, the project has achieved significant success in three years in creating an adequate support system that has reduced the number of students who left school and provided better results.
Speaking on that occasion, Mr. Rakesh Mohan, Chief Operating Officer of the Lanjigar refinery, said: “This year, the students’ success rate has grown by 28.53% over the previous year. The success of students who enrolled in the Vedantin Shiksha Sambal program is a reflection of the impact that the initiative gave local communities. We believe that with this success, the program will continue to play a greater role in strengthening the support system in public schools that will help to improve students’ competencies and confidence, and to allow them to break down obstacles. We congratulate and thank the students and their families for their belief in the merit of the program. ” Another significant achievement of the program is that 23 students achieved a grade in percentile A2 and B2.
Vedanta’s Lanjigarh unit, within its corporate social responsibility program, Shiksha Sambal is an initiative to provide pre-matric tutorial classes in seven government schools around the periphery of the factory, reaching more than 1000 students from eight to ten.
Mr. Khirasindhu Naik father Salman Naika of the Jagannathpur village and SSD student said: “I never thought my son would arrive by the 10th grade, let alone ensure the B grade at the final exam. We come from a very modest background and we can hardly make enough money. So we never thought we would be able to afford the education of our son by the 10th grade. But when the Vedante program recognized my son and offered him to sign him, I could start dreaming a better future for him. “
Vedanta Lanjigarh’s Shiksha Sambal program continues to use government educational infrastructure in the villages and engages non-governmental organizations with the right ability to build an integrated development environment.

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