Police officers handle cases of rape and murder of a minor girl in Sundargarhu, the Accused

Sundargarh: Police claim that it recently smashed a sensational rape and murder case of a 15-year-old girl in the Sundargarh district and arrested the defendants.
The Accused was identified as Kuldeep Magar. He acknowledged raping a minor girl, and then killed her on July 20.
According to the police, the accused once again visited the place after a while and buried the young girl’s body under the branches and leaves.
On July 22, the body of a young girl was found inside a jungle near the Basundhara River in a decayed state below the Hemagiri police station in Sundargarh district.
The police accepted this challenge to solve the mystery of the murder of a young girl because the disintegrated body could not provide much evidence.
The police have deployed special teams to develop traces, conduct a local investigation, and gather technical information. The police smashed the case with a dedicated and ongoing investigation.
The police forwarded the accused and called for the POCSO law. The police said they would take urgent steps to quickly complete the investigation and hand over the court note to the court.

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