PNB Scam: ED offers an air clinic to bring Mehula Choksi from Antigua

New Delhi: The Enforcement Administration (ED) has offered to provide an air clinic with medical experts to bring refugee Mehula Choksi from Antigua.
The ED is called the “façade” under an oath that earlier this week handed over a fugitive diamond in which he claimed that he could not return to India due to a problematic health problem.
ED in its contrary statement stated that “medical reasons and conditions look like facades are only raised to seduce the court in an apparent attempt to postpone legal proceedings. We are ready to provide an expert medical team together with an air ambulance to bring him from Antigua to India under medical supervision. “It was further stated that Choksy never co-operated in an investigation against PNB.
ED said that Choksi claimed that his property worth 6,129 kroner was confiscated. This is wrong, because during the examination, 2100 holes were attached.
The investigative agency also claimed that the fugitive diamantaire is trying to sell all his assets before fleeing from India.

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