Phuluri oil is applied to the Holy Trinity as a medicine

Puri: With the annual approach to Rath Yatra, the Holy Trinity Puri Srimandira will be used with specially prepared Phuluri oil while undergoing fever medication at Anasara Gruhe.
The divine deities will be subjected to the treatment of the plant oil of Phuluri’s body of the strain as part of the secret method of treatment under the control of Raja Vaide on the fifth day of the Anabasar period.
It is believed that this treatment of vegetable oils, deities, is effectively recovered before starting the annual stay in the temple of Mausi Ma, which is called Rath Yatra. Phuluri oil is provided by Odia mutt. The oil compositions are pure sesame oil, Ben’s roots, various fragrant flowers such as Jasmine, Jui and Malli. Sesame oil is the base oil of Phuluri oil. The oil mixed with all of the above ingredients is stored in a earthenware vessel. The pot is sealed with clay and is kept in the underground from Hera Panchami to the Anasar period each year.
Sources say that the Phuluri body is one of the important parts of herbal treatment for the deities, and the “Phuluri” oil used in the ritual is being prepared at Hera Panchami – the fifth day of Rath Yatra every year. It is applied only to the Trinity during the period of Anabasar.
Now, Mr. Jagannath and his divine brothers, beyond the bhakta borders, spend a two-week period of recovery after being on the luxury bath at Debasnana Purnima.

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