People to get money back in case of wrong challenges: Transport Minister

Bhubaneswar: People in Odisha said that people are facing many problems after the issue of ‘wrong challan’, Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera said on Friday that the money would be refunded in such cases.
“Those who are violating traffic rules and escaping without paying penalty, will be identified through CCTV cameras installed at various traffic junctions. Challans will be issued against the violators based on CCTV camera footage.
Asked about some instances that motorists have been wrongly issued challans, Behera said, “This should not happen.” If such a mistake happens, the money will definitely be returned to the people, ”the minister said.Speaking about the recent directive of the Orissa High Court on the rehabilitation of agents in regional transport wiring (RTO), the minister said, “We have not received instructions yet. Once we get the copy of the order, we will review it and take appropriate decisions in this regard. “Behera further said that not all are agents, but those who were working with official permission from the RTO’s premises would be rehabilitated. “Not all agents, but only those who were working with authorized permission since 2000, will be rehabilitated,” he clarified.

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