Patnagarh MLA sent Saroj Meher to jail

Bolangir: Patnagarh MLA Saroj Meher was arrested after the ADJ court rejected his bail for humiliating a junior engineer from PWD for allegedly inferior roadworks.
Legislators were reportedly picked up last night by the police from the No. 102 hotel in the Sukhsagar Hotel in Naupada City, and taken to the Patnagarh Police Station at 11.30 am for further interrogation today. Later, Meher was brought to justice in the court of Patnagarh ADJ, which denied his bail plea and sent him to Bolangir sub-jail.
On June 5, a video appeared in the social media with the newly elected MLA Saroj Meher, in which an engineer was publicly punished. In the video, Meher was seen asking JE to sit-ups 100 times in 5 minutes.
The humiliation of a government official in public was harshly criticized from various walks of life, and the member of a tribal community called for the immediate arrest of the MLA. On June 26, they even threatened with the Gherao Odisha rally.

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