Pak will not complete education for all goals by 2030: UNESCO

Islamabad: One fourth child in Pakistan will remain uneducated by 2030, UNESCO says. It says that these children will not finish primary education.
According to the reports, the new UNESCO projections show Pakistan will be halfway to the goal of 12 years of education for all.
The Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030 emphasizes that it leaves no one behind the goal. However, only 4% of the poorest 20% completed high school in the poorest countries, compared to 36% of the richest. I am even wider in countries with lower middle income, the report says.
The new goal of global education, SDG-4, calls on countries to ensure that children not only go to school, but also learn. However, the percentage of trained teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa has been declining since 2000.
The report further states that current trends expect stagnation rates in middle-income countries and Latin America.

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