“Osua Lagi” ritual of the Holy Trinity as a drug that is being held today

Puri: With the annual approach to Rath Yatra, Osua Lagi of the Holy Trinity of Puri Srimandir is being held today in the Sri Jagannath Temple as part of the ongoing Anabasara Seba.
The ritual ‘Osua Lagi’ is practiced from the day of the Sasthi to the Navami. ‘Osua’ is a paste of jhuna (resin), sesame oil, water and some other natural products. This paste cures after being applied to the body by deities. The old layer of this paste is removed during “Anasara”, which is called “Karala”. At present Lord Jagannath and his siblings, unobtainable to devotees, are experiencing a fortnight of recovery after taking a luxurious bath in Debasnana Purnima.
During this time, Vaidya (temple doctor) treats them with herbal medicines and the gods feed on fruit. After recovering from the fever, the Trinity gave the followers a day before the chariot festival Darshan.

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