“One of the most dangerous”: P Chidambaram on the speech budget of Nirmala Sitharamana

New Delhi : Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s speech on the budget is one of the “most transparent of” the former Minister of Finance P Chidambaram, stressing that all key information about government expenditure, income, fiscal deficit and even distribution has been omitted. for the defense sector.
“For a large number of people who are listening to the speech, they do not receive this budget document. The officials get it, the MPs get it, think tanks get it, I assume you can buy a set of documents.” But lakhs and lakhs of people who listen to the speech do not tell them how much is the total government spending, the total revenue, the fiscal deficit. What are you afraid of? Why keep people in the dark? “he said.
She did not get the idea of ??awarding the defense “unfair to the people of India,” he said, taking a copy of the BJP, which blamed the Congress and again for neglecting the country’s armed forces and security.
Prior to the election of the Lok Sabha, especially after the air strikes on the Pakistani Balakot by the Indian Air Force, the BJP put nationalism and national security at the center of its campaign.
Mr Chidambaram also said that even government plans for the agricultural sector were not explored in Mrs. Sitharaman’s speech. This is especially important given the crisis that farmers in the country have been facing over the past few years.
It was hoped that the government would bring a detailed plan for the revival of the agricultural sector. Asked about this issue, Mr. Chidambaram said: “In the speech of the Minister of Finance there was no mention of the system of agriculture. How can I say something if she did not mention anything?”
A decline in income in the agriculture sector is reflected in the Economic Research report, which was presented in parliament on Thursday.

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