Old Town, Kala Bhoomi Ekamra Hiking Trails: Hikers discover the best kept secrets of the city

Bhubaneswar: With the clouds hovering above the Old Town sky and the drizzle before the monsoon, guests greeted the 125th Ekamra Old Town Walks.
On the jubilee walk of the museum walk, an enthusiastic crowd discovered the art, craft, fabric and beautiful tribal traditions of the “best kept secrets of India, Odisha”.
Deepti Jayaraj, Jharkhand’s Special Secretary of Finance Government, who participated in the museum tour in the afternoon, said, “I had a great time, learned a lot and met Odisha’s art, craft and craft. The Ekamra Walks members were very helpful and patient. I will definitely try to discover more. “
Shruti and Vivek, who also attended the event in Kala Bhoomi, said, “Great and inspiring, the boxes and art collections are really great.”
Ashirvad Dhir, who enjoyed his time with Kala Bhoomi, said, “Very good collections of Odisha culture, it was a very good feeling to visit the Art and Craft Museum of Kala Bhoomi, we will come back.” There were more than 40 hikers The hike began one year ago as the first innovative museum hike under the Odisha government’s Ekamra Walks initiative.
The walk started with a nice introduction to the museum and rich cultural heritage of Odisha Tushar. As the group moved through the various galleries dedicated to both old and new art forms, they were fascinated by the beautiful exhibits of craftsmanship and the stories behind them. Many parents were happy to have brought their children to one of the most beautiful museums in the country. Some of the guests took part in the pottery, others enjoyed the serenade with classical live music in the museum.

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