Officers On Official Tours Should Use Trains More: Railways Chairman

New Delhi: The Railways has instructed its general managers to ensure that their officers travel frequently by trains during official tours and submit reports on condition of coaches.
In a letter addressed to all general managers of zonal railways, Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav said that such officers should also interact with passengers.
“Travelling by train is an opportunity to gain first-hand insight on the actual conditions in respect to our services. This alone can provide us ‘moments of truth’ with our passengers and customers and equip us with invaluable knowledge to continuously innovate and improve our services,” Mr Yadav said in the letter dated June 13.
“All General Managers, DRMs and unit heads shall personally ensure that the officers working under them, frequently travel by train services in course of their official tours, inspect conditions coaches… A part of the inspection note of the officers must invariably contain a report on the condition of such facilities and quality of services on trains including bio-toilets and catering,” he said.

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