Odisha Vox Pop Charing Hyderabad Encounter to an Obit to Criminal Justice System?

Bhubaneswar: For the first time, in Hyderabad this morning in a cyber encounter, killing four accused of raping and killing a veterinarian ‘Disha’, the cyber police has given a new dis direction to the criminal justice system. Country.
And when a large number of poxos including Odisha give three-cheers for police action, which is an encounter of rapists, not of any hardcore criminals / terrorists, it calls for a comment on the country’s criminal justice system. It seems, overall, the mood in Odisha and the country mirrors the observation of now-famous American politician (Republican) Tom Price, “society is now less confident of the absolute accuracy of the criminal justice system.”
Why is society in Odisha and elsewhere less confident? The apparent feature of the country’s criminal justice system seems to have disappointed society in general.
Take a sample of this. At the end of 2018, more than 1.07 lakh criminal cases related to crime against women were pending in Odisha. The latest figures with the National Judicial Grid show that as of December 5, 2019, 34,188 criminal cases have been filed by women in the state. Pendency in Odisha is now at a massive 95 per cent.
Significantly, the age of pendency in Odisha is also quite shocking. Out of the total criminal cases filed in the state, 8.2 per cent cases have been pending for 3 to 20 years!
The reasons behind the pendency are more shocking: about 52 percent of criminal cases pending in the state for non-appearance of the accused.
Another 11 percent of the cases are pending in courts for non-submission of reports. For the delay in submission of evidence, another 8 percent of the cases are pending in the state.The data closed 4 courts (1 in Jharsuguda and Puri and 2 in Mayurbhanj) in the state, when a total of six cases are still pending. The state has also closed 35 functional fast track courts (FTCs) since 2012.
The decline is evident again in Odisha. On 5 December 2019, the state is fighting a large-scale litigation in 9.63 lakh criminal cases in its various district and subordinate courts.As it is said that justice delayed is justice denied, ominous portende delays, have the potential to affect the final outcome of cases, legal experts think.
These are not just bald statements. According to information given by MoS Dibashankar Mishra in the state assembly, in the year 2018, when only 197 rape accused were convicted, 876 were acquitted. The conviction rate is just 18 percent. Interestingly, the conviction rate in 2012 was 23 per cent.
This is a high 82 percent rate of rapes in Odisha, which gave rise to this celebratory mood in the state over the encounter of rapists by the Hyderabad police.
However, the bottom line is that by resorting to this quick justice, instead of making one accountable for the criminal justice system, rule of society is going to create anarchy.

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