Odisha Sprinter Duti Chand signed a two-year deal with PUMA

Bhubaneswar: German sports company PUMA on Thursday signed Ace Sprinter Duti Chand as its brand ambassador. With this, Chand formed his first exclusive brand association.
Dutee has signed a two-year deal with the big sports brand.
Dooty will be equipped with custom-made performance gear to support his never-ending effort to become faster, stronger and better every single day.
The 23-year-old Dutti has represented the country in national and international sporting events, won several medals and broken a good part of the record.
She is the third Indian woman to qualify for the women’s 100 meters in the Summer Olympics. She is the first Indian athlete to win gold in the 100 meter event at the World Universe Games, where she recently surprised everyone by playing 11.32 seconds in the track and field world.

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