Odisha issues SOP for construction sites to prevent spread of COVID-19

Bhubaneswar: The Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) of Odisha has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for construction sites in the government as well as private sectors to prevent spreading of COVID-19 and to protect workers/construction personnel from the heatwave.
Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) and Additional Chief Secretary, Disaster Management, Pradeep Jena, today issued a circular to all departments, Revenue Divisional Commissioners and all Collectors in this connection.
The following is the SOP for construction sites:
Social distancing parameters are to be strictly enforced at the worksites among the labourers, technicians, supervisors and others involved in the construction process.
Face masks are to be mandatorily used by all persons during the entire period of stay in the worksite.
If workers are required from outside, special transportation facility shall be arranged by the Contractor/ Construction Agency without any dependency on the public transport system. These vehicles should be allowed to operate with 30-40% of their passenger capacity.
In case of labour camps operating at the worksite, social distancing norms shall be observed in working areas, sleeping quarters and as well as in dining areas. No gathering or close proximity among workers shall be allowed.
Contractor/ Construction Agency will ensure the provision of hand wash with buckets of water and mugs with soap and towel arranged in such a way that workers don’t have to gather around to wash their hands.
The Contractor/ Construction Agency will put up display boards containing do’s and don’ts issued by Health and Family Welfare Department for prevention of spreading of COVID-19 at the construction site.
Contractor/ Construction Agency will conduct an orientation/training programme for the workers in hand washing and personal hygiene.
Workers of more than 60 years of age are not to be allowed to work in the worksite.
Sick, elderly & people having symptoms of cold, cough, sneezing are not to be allowed to work at any cost. If such symptoms are seen with workers, Contractors/ Construction Agencies will make arrangement for health consultations of concerned workers in the nearest health centre.
Anybody detected with Severe Acute Respiratory Indications (SARI) and Influenza-like Indications (ILI) is to be immediately reported to the nearest PHC/ CHC/ Health Centre/ District HQ Hospital/nearest administrative office such as Block Office/Tahasil Office and all steps will be taken as per the advice of the health centre.
There shall be complete prohibition of tobacco, gutkha and spitting in work sites.
Contractor/ Construction Agency/ Executive Officer-in-charge will keep a list of Hospitals/clinics in the nearby areas, which are authorized to treat COVID-19 patients at all times.
In view of the rising temperature, the following preventive measures are to be observed in workplaces:
Adequate shading arrangements must be made at the workplace to protect the workers from the scorching heat.
No work should be executed during peak hours from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.
There should be adequate, safe potable drinking water for the workers and other personnel.
There should be first-aid-box containing essential medicines, ORS, Glucose, etc. at the worksite for the workers.
Safety Health and Environment (SHE) parameters will be observed at construction sites. The Contractor/ Construction Agency/ Officer in charge of the construction work should ensure that all the above conditions are in place before starting the work.

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