Odisha boosts steel production to 100 MTPA by 2030

Bhubaneswar: An interactive meeting was held with major steel manufacturers of the state today to discuss the vision of achieving 100 MTPA capacity for steel production in Odisha.
Addressing more than 60 steelmaking companies, Industries Minister Dibya Shankar Mishra mentioned that Odisha provides a unique favorable ecosystem for steel industries to expand their manufacturing facilities.
He also said that the state government is developing a Vision 2030 for downstream industries to get more than 50% of the value in addition to the primary metal produced in the state.
He also urged the steel industries to take social initiatives through CSR activities for inclusive and sustainable development in various sectors of the state.
Principal Secretary Industries Sanjeev Chopra highlighted the ease and care framework established by the government to control industries. He said that in the last 2 decades the state government has focused on manufacturing value-added products in the state.
He added that going forward, the state will focus on enabling infrastructure to reduce logistics costs for industries. Commissioner-cum-Secretary Department of Skill Development and Technical Education and Chairman and Managing Director, IDCO Sanjay Singh, by IDCO for quick allocation of industrially developed land for large scale investment and construction of industrial land bank of more than 1 Highlighted the initiative going. 00,000 acres by the state.
He also highlighted the unique initiative being taken to provide industry-ready skilled manpower for all industries set up in the state, particularly in the steel sector. Special Secretary, Steel and Mines and Director, Steel Shri K. Popli mentioned about the initiatives being taken by the state to ensure easy availability of raw materials by industry.The Special Secretary, Department of Industries and Managing Director IPICOL gave a comprehensive presentation on the state government’s approach to the development of the steel sector and the support being provided by the government.
A presentation on Vision 2030 for the development of downstream industries also highlighted the key role of primary metal manufacturers. This was followed by an interactive session with industries where the expectations of the industries were discussed.
Representatives of the industry welcomed the state’s approach and appreciated the various initiatives being taken to support the growth of the steel sector.

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