No writer was detained during a visit to the UPCG hospital in Moradabad, a clerk explained

New Delhi: A senior official said no writer was detained in the hospital during the visit of Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanatha on Sunday.
The reaction of the officials came after media reports showed that some media persons were imprisoned in the emergency department of the district hospital during Adityanath’s routine visit here.
The district judge in Moradabad, Rakesh Singh, said there was no rule to stop journalists from covering any program.
Singh said that some journalists were allowed to enter the ward, and more than 35 people were “detained” in the hospital as part of the security and security measures.
He also asked the relevant information officer to prepare an “accurate” list of government accredited journalists in order to prevent reporting problems during VVIP visits.
In a tweet on Sunday, Priyanka Congress leader Gandhi Vadra accused the Uttar Pradesh government of leading the BJP to stamp out the press.
She also marked her tweet media report stating that cameras of journalists were closed during Adityanath’s visit to Moradabad.

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