NLU Odisha leads the plantation to mark Van Mahotsaw

Bhubaneswar: National Law University (NLU) Odisha spent on Saturday a tree planting program on his campus as part of Van Mahotsaw’s celebration.
Van Mahotsaw is celebrated in India from 1 to 7 July as a campaign with the ambition to save Mother Earth. NLU Odisha celebrated the program in cooperation with Rashtriya Kisan Parivar.
Vice-rector NLU Odisha, prof. Dr. Sri Krishna Deva Rao opened a welcoming program where he encouraged the preservation of trees, which play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance.
Cuttack Lok Sabha Member Bhartuhari Mahtab has arranged this opportunity as the main guest. In his speech, he emphasized the creation of a plant garden on the campus.
Students, volunteers Rashtriya Kisan Parivar, teachers and non-university students, including dignitaries, were delighted to participate in planting trees.

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