NIA submits application to the Delhi-Amrohi ISIS module

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) filed a lawsuit today against 10 arrested indictees in the case of ISIS Module in Delhi-Amrohi.
The indictment was filed against the accused at the Delhi House of Patiala Special Court in accordance with various provisions of the Law on Unlawful Activities (Prevention).
The accused are Mufti Mohd. Suhail, Anas Younus, Zubair Malik, Rashid Zafar Raq, MD Saqib, MD Absar, Said, Said, MD Gufran, MD Faiz and Naim alias Mohd. Naeem alias Naeem Choudhary. An investigation is under way against three other indictees.
NIA registered the case on 20 December 2018 against Mufti Suhail and others for allegedly establishing a ISIS module with others to commit terrorist activities, and the module collects weapons and explosives.
This module was named “Harkat-ul-Harb-E-Islam” (Movement for Islamic War). This group owed its loyalty to ISIS and wanted to establish a California ISIS in India by resorting to large-scale terrorist attacks in and around the national capital.
The group conducted reconnaissance of some such sites in and around the NCR. The searches were conducted at 17 locations on December 26, 2018 in Delhi and UP, where 12 pistols, 163 ammunition, an improvised rocket launcher, 98 mobile devices / phones, 25 kg explosive chemicals, hardware / electronic materials including 120 alarms In rooms The accused were taken away for hours to create IEDs and incriminating books / materials.
The investigation found that the Accused Mufti Suhail and other co-accused persons entered into a criminal conspiracy to lead violent jihad against the Indian government using weapons and explosives to establish ISIS caliphates in India.
The module was run by three ISIS executives from abroad. The module used encrypted social media applications / chat platforms. They are returned from mobile phones.
Forensic reports on seized chemicals and IED material confirmed that they were sufficient to produce sophisticated IEDs. The group wanted to produce IED, which will be activated by remote-controlled devices, at a distance of more than 100 meters.

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