NIA launches leaflets against six TPC Naxal staff in Jharkhand

New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) filed a second supplementary list against six members of the banned Maoist organization Tritiya Prastuti Committee (TPC).
The three arrested persons against whom the list was filed are Kamlesh Ganjhu (34), Karampal Ganjhu (28) and Amar Singh Bhokta (37).
In addition, the indictment was also filed against three defendants – Gopal Singh Bhokta, Mukesh Ganjhu and Akraman Ji regarding the financing of terror in the LWE-affected countries.
On July 9, 2018, the NIA registered a case against Kamlezhan Ganjhuh and others on the allegation that TPC members hid huge cash and weapons along with ammunition in order to carry out terrorist activities in Jharkhand by the TPC commander.
after that searches were carried out at Kamles House and a huge amount of cash in the amount of 36,14,000 Rs, one 09mm pistol, one AK 47 with two magazines, 152 ammunition and one camouflage magazine for the magazine.
The investigation found that the arrested indictees Kamlesh Ganjhu and Karampal Ganjhu were TPC operatives, who together with Briješ Ganjhu (TPC supreme) and regional TPC commanders Mukesh, Ganjhu, Kohram and Akraman entered the criminal conspiracy to spread terror among people in Jharkhand and other areas using deadly weapons.
They abandoned tax evasion by contractors involved in development projects in order to generate funds for their group of terror and maintain their terrorist activity.
Government Jharkhanda declared the TPC as a regulated organization, and most TPC staff are former members of the CPI (M). The three expelled defendants – Mukesh Ganjhu, Akraman and Brijesh Ganjhu – were proclaimed as offenders.

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