NIA escaped Accused Sabir Julluh Rehman Ali in the FICN case

Mumbai: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested on Thursday the Accused Sabir Julluh Rehman Ali in connection with the procurement, trade and supply of a fake Indian currency.
Sabir, a resident of Sayabali Tole in the Malda district of West Bengal, was arrested in connection with the seizure of 239 fake Indian bills, all in denominations of Rs 2000, with a nominal value of 4.78 lakhs in Bhiwandi.
Five persons Rehan Shaikh, Shafahad Ansari, Anees Shaikh, Kishor Fular and Rohit Singh were arrested in this case. Accordingly, the case was registered at the Bhiwandi Taluka police station in Thane district on 11 October 2018, according to sections 120B, 489B and 489C IPC.
During the investigation, the sixth accused Samir Kalicharan Mandal was arrested on October 17, 2018 in West Bengal.
The investigation revealed that the Accused Anees Shaikh asked the Accused Samir Mandal to provide the FICN, Samir Mandal (A-6) further contacted the accused Abdul Kadir (wanted) for the procurement of the FICN.
The Accused Abdul Kadir then co-ordinated with the accused Karim Shaikh (WA-4), a resident of Bangladesh and obtained a FICN nominal value of 5 lkh from him. Accused Accused Abdul Kadir has submitted / transferred the said FICN to Samir Mandala through brother Sabir.
Arrested Accused Sabir Jullur Rehman Ali was brought before the Malindi High Court in West Bengal for transit custody and will now be brought before the Special Court of the NIA in Mumbai, Maharashtra, for the purpose of seeking police custody for questioning.
The NIA branch of Mumbai has already filed an indictment in the case on 5 January 2019 against six arrested indictees before the Special Court of the NIA in Mumbai.

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