NHRC seeks ATR from Odisha govt on kidney disease

Bhubaneswar: The National Commission on Human Rights (NHRC) on Monday asked for a report on the government’s action (ATR) action on kidney disease in the country.
The Commission sent the Secretary of the Department of Health and Family Care to submit a report in this regard within eight weeks of the issuance of the Instruction.
The commission’s guidance came in response to a petition filed by Sangita Swain activist. In her petition, Swain said that the number of kidney patients in Odysha was higher than in other countries. She further stated that patients with kidney in the country do not receive adequate medical facilities and that the government does not take any measures to reduce the ratio of kidney patients. .
According to the applicant, there are currently 2.10 lakh of patients with kidney in the country. She prayed to the commission to take criminal and disciplinary measures against negligent medical authorities.
She also called on the Commission to issue a policy to conduct research on this issue in order to reduce the ratio and provide free health facilities for kidney patients.
The applicant also claimed a compensation of 20 lacons to the family of a deceased person who died of kidney disease and 50,000 Rs of those affected by the disease.

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